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diana_explosion's Journal

I, Voyger
5 May 1986
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So I am Diana and I consider myself a pretty open friendly person. I love to read and really should do more of it! I just finished "Geisha a Life" and it was fantastic. Always open to more book suggestions as well. I am an avid PC gamer. Favorite genre is first person shooters but I dabble in real time strategy as well. I love science fiction everything! Attempting to teach myself photoshop (slowly but surely) I'll get it right eventually. trying to get my livejournal posts rolling again so be patient I have acute brain farts sometimes. well that's about it unless I want to keep going and make it sound like I am writing this for a dating site. @_@

p.s. I am also looking for a new lj layout so if there are any takers I'd appreciate it!